Find the best fit

As we make each piece individually for you, please make sure to choose the right size before placing your order. You can use the size guide to find the best fit.

If you are not sure about your ring size, we recommend having your fingers measured at your local jeweller to find the correct sizes.

As an alternative, you can measure the inside diameter in millimetres of a ring of yours and use the size guide to find your size.

Make sure to measure the desired finger because every finger of yours has a different size. The size can even vary depending on the weather and daytime. For the ideal result, we suggest measuring the size at the end of the day when your fingers are warm. If the result is between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.

Inner diameter
in mm

in mm
(your ring size)

15,3 48 8,0 I 1/2 4,5
15,6 49 9,0 J 4,9
15,9 50 10 K 5,3
16,2 51 11 K 1/2 5,7
16,6 52 12 L 1/2 6,1
16,9 53 13 M 1/2 6,4
17,2 54 14 N 6,8
17,5 55 15 O 7,2
17,8 56 16 P 7,6
18,1 57 17 P 1/2 8,0
18,5 58 18 Q 1/2 8,4
18,8 59 19 R 8,7
19,1 60 20 S 9,1


You can use an ordinary thread and put it around your wrist to measure the circumference. To find the correct size of your bracelet please add 1,5-2 cm to the measured circumference. Choose the larger size if you are between sizes, it should not sit too tight.

If you do not own an anklet, please put an ordinary thread around your ankle to measure the circumference. Do not pull it too tight. Take your measured circumference and add 1-1,5 cm to find your size.

You have to opportunity to choose the chain length between 45 cm and 53 cm.

Just measure an existing necklace to find your preferred length. If you do not have one on hand, you can use an ordinary thread instead.