To enjoy for a long time

Every piece of ALESSA JOOSTEN is manufactured in Germany and made of recycled 925 sterling silver. The handcrafted pieces require your appropriate care, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

It is the nature of the material 925 sterling silver to darken over time. This chemical process is called oxidation. Tarnishing is no defect, and it is unavoidable. The intensity depends on the handling as well as the environmental conditions. Humidity and therefore contact with air, liquids, sweat and chemicals will speed up the process.

We believe that tarnish can add a certain personality to your piece. However, if you would like to keep it shiny, you should consider following the guidelines of wearing, cleaning, and storing.

To keep your silver jewellery in a good condition you should remove it before you get in contact with liquids and chemicals, for example, before doing activities such as showering and swimming.

Please make sure to avoid exposure to make-up, perfume, lotion, or hair products or clean it after contact. Please do not wear your piece while exercising or sleeping to protect it from excessive sweat.

As silver is a soft metal wear and tear is normal. Frequent wearing will leave some marks on the surface. To protect your jewellery from scratches you should avoid contact with abrasive and hard surfaces. Do not wear your piece for housework.

The stones we are using are semi-precious natural stones, and they need some extra care as well. Heavy impact and shock can break them easily.

For our current collection we are using the quartz crystal „chalcedony“. It is a bluish semi-precious stone showing different patterns and colour gradients, slightly translucent and dull. Please make sure to protect your stone from UV-light because intense exposure to sunlight can cause colour loss and your chalcedony may change to a greyish colour.

We suggest cleaning your piece after every wear using a soft (cotton) cloth.

When necessary, you can clean it with warm water and regular detergent, and wipe it dry gently with a soft cloth afterwards.

You can also clean your jewellery with a polishing cloth from time to time to keep it shiny.

Your jewellery should be stored in a cool dry place, not in the bathroom. We recommend keeping it separately in a padded box or pouch. Do not store in leather, it can tarnish silver.

All pieces are handcrafted and can slightly vary in dimensions and appearance. Especially, all stones we are using are different because they are products of nature. It makes every piece unique.

If your jewellery has broken, please contact us, we will check individually if repairing is possible. Please note that we are not responsible if your jewellery is damaged due to your mishandling. We suggest following the guidelines and wearing them with care.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info[@]