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Alessa Joosten creates wearable objects between the fields of Design, Fashion and Art. The look is pure and simple, yet expressive. The pieces are made by hand in Germany on demand.

Alessa Joosten is a German designer of wearable objects located in Düsseldorf. In 2019, she graduated from Hochschule Düsseldorf with 'Master of Arts' in Applied Art and Design. Alessa enhanced her artistic language and her professional knowledge abroad at the renowned Design Schools in Denmark and the Netherlands. During her studies, she already participated in international exhibitions, such as Schmuck Munich, showed her work in well-known galleries like Galerie Ra and received several grants and nominations. In 2017, she was awarded the Manufactum State Prize for Crafts.

In her former studies in fine arts, she was fascinated by the human body and worked on wearable objects and topics like the subjectivity of beauty. Conceptual body-related works inspired her. With her multidisciplinary background and her sculptural works, she balances between Design, Fashion and Art, on the border between wearable objects and jewellery. While working between the poles, she creates overlaps in a modern and innovative way.

Alessa Joosten places importance on a higher concept in making to give her pieces an additional value of aesthetic. Every work underlies a conceptual approach. The aesthetic value of each piece occurs through the treatment of the material and the construction within itself, instead of decorative elements. She combines simplicity with the exceptional.

In these times of information overload, she tries to find new ways to interpret the tradition of „form follows function“ to create something clear and simple within her works.

As we are surrounded by digitalization and mass production, she would like to give a greater focus to craft, local production and quality. These provide you with something tactile, sensory, and personal.

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